Sometimes complicated

is just too, well…

The world is full of people constantly telling us that more is better. You know, the same ones that are always saying things like “to get more out you have to put more in”… Well, when it comes to design, I’m not so sure.

Life is all about balance, and so is good design. Most of the time a little really is all you need. That is to say – less really can be more. Conveying a message by delivering it in a clear, simple and good looking package is the true key to success when you are trying to promote or sell anything.

Welcome to Design 1.0 where Simplicity IS Superior!

Web, Print, Social

…and a whole lot more

We offer an all singing, all dancing one stop shop for worldwide domination! We produce high quality graphic and web design and development to promote, advertise or showcase anything with effortless style that is guaranteed to grab you and your audience.

Don’t think it’s all about form and no function either. Everything that we create for our clients is made for the modern world, that is to say it will be designed and optimised to work on the varied media platforms available to your target audience. Whether that is digital or print, Design 1.0 have the skills and knowledge to design and deliver products that really perform.

Clean, clear, functional design

Our Services

…well most of them anyway


All our sites are optimised for the modern world and built to work. They adapt to suit the wide range of devices they can be viewed on so they always look good and function perfectly.


Get your online store up and running, and more importantly selling fast. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling Design 1.0 can build you an online store that looks great and works hard.


We can provide a complete service from design to delivery. Design 1.0  produce stunning looking printed media from business stationery to leaflets, brochures, signs and more.


Wether you already have a social media presence or not we can help. A strong social media presence is key to success due to the  impact it has on search ranking and the massive audience you can connect with.


Need a promotional video or Advert for a product or service? Design 1.0 can produce everything from animated movies to live action film in up to 4K resolution all edited for maximum impact on any device or platform.


If you need photography for any purpose then Design 1.0 can make sure it’s delivered right. To create imagery that looks the part you don’t just need a good camera or good photos but good post production work too.

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This is just a small selection of our recent work for clients. As you can see we do a lot of corporate identity and logo design but we also have experience with all sorts of graphic and web design projects including publishing (including books and monthly publications), promotional media (flyers, posters and business cards), web sites and advertisment.

Design 1.0 Who?

Meet the head honcho…

Jon Isaacs


With over 20 years experience as a developer and designer Jon has a huge skill base that spans the spectrum of modern media. Creating rich media for print, web and social platforms.

After working for various design agencies, getting tired of pumping out ‘content’ for a string of faceless clients, Jon decided to go it alone and worked as a freelance designer for many years. Then, frustrated with all the over the top, complicated, mediocre designs that fill our physical and digital worlds it was decided – enough is enough! (Pun intended) and Design 1.0 was born.

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